Saturday, February 03, 2007

Next time it's the Louisville Slugger

I was on my way home from the grocery store in Portland Oregon one evening, when I sensed I was being followed. I would whip around every now and then, but could see no one. Still I couldn't shake that eerie feeling. The rain had ceased momentarily so my umbrella was tucked under one arm. I also had a huge fountain soda in one hand and a magazine. My hands were full, but I was one block from my house, so I wasn't too scared.

As I rounded the corner a man approached me from behind. He asked if I knew what time it was. I said no and kept walking. He stayed within two feet of me, and moved to block my path and then in a really creepy voice he asked are you sure? That's when I noticed his arm moving. I looked down and saw that his penis was out of his pants and he was jacking off. I flipped out. My first reaction was to throw my 44 oz soda at him. the lid came off and drenched him in pepsi but he kept going! I yelled at him and called him a nasty mother fucker, but to no avail. I then lunged at him with my umbrella, and he started to run. I chased him down the street but I lost him.

Since it was the THIRD time this has happened to me (although it was the first time I was alone) I was more angry than anything. I ran to my apartment, and grabbed a blunt object from the kitchen (ok, it was an ice cream scooper, but I was in a blind rage). I ran back out to find him. I've never felt so angry. This pervert represented every time I've been put into a situation where a man degraded, scared, stalked, or in any other way harmed me. I didn't get far from my door. Right out in front of my building I noticed a parked car with a figure slouched down in the drivers seat. I ran up to the window. It was him! I took the ice cream scooper and tried to smash his window with it. All that did of course was brake the plastic section off the stainless steel based scooper, and the guy took off. I learned two things from this incident. Get a license plate number no matter how out of it you are, and keep a bat by the door. I'm not taking this shit any more. - via email

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