Monday, December 11, 2006


Plain old harassment is something I've learned to deal with over the years, I've never felt there was any effective recourse. (Until I found this site!) But what drives me into a raging fury is when men make sexual remarks concerning my ethnic background or skin color. Recently, while shopping at a local supermarket, a man told me that he wanted "some of that brown sugar" as he passed me in the aisle. I've been told various times by various men that sex with me would be much more exciting because of my ethnic background, that they have fantasies about my "naked brown body" against theirs, that my "ghetto booty" really turns them on, etc. Excuse me?
Women are sexualized for so many different reasons: hair color, breast size, intelligence. It's all disgusting. But I'm so tired of listening to this "jungle fever" crap because I happen to be a different color than them.


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