Wednesday, November 29, 2006

"Three Americans Dollars!"

On Sunday I was walking up Madison between 3rd & 4th Streets and this
guy walking down the hill starts to cut me off and starts leering at me
and saying, "Three American dollars! Three American dollars!" I'm a
twentysomething Asian American woman, so the implication was pretty
clear. I was SO stunned by how gross and rude that was that all I
could think to say was, "F*** you!" He just laughed and kept walking
down the hill. That is by far the most offensive, RACIST thing anyone
has said to me.

Then today I was walking downtown on Pike Street talking on my cell
phone (in English given that I don't speak any other languages) and
some white guy starts talking to me in some random Asian language--I
don't even know if it was real or fake Asianese--and making obscene and
overtly sexual gestures like miming kissing, etc. I get really pissed
when this bullshit happens (probably once a week at least), so I turned
to him and said, "EXCUSE ME... I don't have a clue what you're saying,
because I an AMERICAN -- I speak ENGLISH." Then he had the nerve to
get pissed off and curse at me as if I was in the wrong!!

I will never understand how men think that it is OK to treat Asian
women (or any women for that matter!!) this way!! I seriously want to
buy a camera phone so I can start taking pictures of these jackasses.


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