Saturday, May 12, 2007

Home, Sweet....Stalker

Physical and Verbal Harassment on Capitol Hill—my neighborhood.

05/02/07 Broadway and Denny, directly in front of the Post Office door. 20ish, dirty blonde dreads, scabby guy jumped in front of me and blocked my way causing me to run into him as I tried to enter the post office. I told him to move and he called me a Fucking Bitch and said that I’d run into him. I told him to leave and he said that he’d been here for three years and wasn’t leaving. I entered the post office. Later I walked up the street by Hollywood video. He was waiting for me up there and continued to harass me calling me a stupid bitch. I told him I would call the cops if he didn’t leave and he said, “Go ahead and call the cops. They aren’t going to help YOU anyway.”

This may be true since I wrote an article about corrupt Chicago Police in 2001. I interviewed a mother whose son had been shot by the Police. The Police haven’t helped me since then even when I reported being raped. I have to wonder why this stranger would say that though.

05/01/07 in QFC Harvard Market, a small dark-haired late 30ish guy rammed me in the leg, not once, but twice as we were standing in line at checkout. This guy has followed and harassed me before. In October 07 in the Henry Library (where he took some photos of me) and at the Bagel Bakery on 15th Ave E, Winter 07.

On the streets I’ve experienced quite a bit of verbal harassment before in Queen Anne, downtown and on the hill, but suddenly it has escalated to physical harassment. There have been other recent instances of being pushed or bumped into or smacked with bags, etc.

I live and work on Capitol Hill. I like living in a diverse, urban neighborhood and I expect the odd thing to happen now and then. For me however, it’s every single day. After multiple break-ins and a rape at my former apartment at 221 11th Ave E. I moved a little farther up the hill. Support groups told me to alert all my neighbors about the stalking. I swallowed my pride and wrote the following letter.
At the risk of sounding loco, ah well, here goes:

When I Google my name, I usually find articles and reviews I’ve written, some residual items from when I was in Peace Corps and schools I’ve worked for as an ESL Teacher. Last month, I found my name on the page of an Adult web site. It was there for about a week and then suddenly removed. The link remains on Google; my name is no longer on the page. (The link has since been removed from Google.)

I suspect there is some very negative propaganda going around about me as I have had the strangest reactions from absolute strangers since late summer. I have been spit at four times on Broadway near my school; called terrible names on the street; treated very rudely in stores where I used to be welcome and have had one death threat. (I have since had more.) I also had harassment, stalking and multiple break-ins at my old apartment building, and finally a sexual assault during a break-in before I left that building.

I’m former Tenant’s Union and in 2004 I had to defend myself against an unscrupulous Property Management Company. This entailed tracking down the owner of the property and pleading my case. There were several other very unhappy tenants in the building, but I was the only one who came forward. I was released from my lease after documenting a substantial amount of abuse and harassment that I endured during my 40 days in the property on Capitol Hill. The Property Management Company and onsite Manager later lost the account, which included several large buildings in the Capitol Hill area. Since my departure from that building I have been bullied out of three other buildings and experienced harassment at job after job, all beginning from the very first week. (In retrospect, some harassment started before this and I can list a few articles I had written that may have been the catalyst.)

The worst of the harassment has been recent and I listed some of the details above. I can only surmise that there must be some manufactured -- photo-shopped images, blogs, web pages or something depicting me as some kind of nazi pervert or something equally heinous because at work some students have approached me with very strange questions about Hitler and Germany. (I’m from a mixed race family and I choose to work and live among the most diverse population in Seattle.)

Whatever is out there, is manufactured. The case has been turned over to a Detective that handles Sexual Assault and stalking. Please come forward if you have any evidence. Anonymous tips are also welcome. (At this point the police, well, they don’t seem to give a damn about my rights as a citizen.)

Take care,

Seana Sperling
P.O. Box 23302
Seattle, WA 98102
Stalking by proxy is a tool used by wealthy Vengeance Stalkers. It is difficult to prove and the initiator doesn’t appear to be involved. We all have enemies and this could happen to anybody.