Friday, April 27, 2007

You're hot! Congrats!

Wednesday, April 25th at about 4:15pm I was walking through campus home from work. I turned the corner by the bookstore and was walking on the sidewalk between the bookstore and the MU parking lot. I noticed 3 guys were hanging out farther down on the sidewalk kind of by the quad. I saw them look me up and down as soon as I turned the corner. I felt kind of weird, but just switched sides of the sidewalk to walk past them. At this point I noticed that there was no one else around and thought that was strange. Although I felt weird, I figured I was fine because I was on campus.

After I moved to the opposite side of the sidewalk, they intentionally moved over to that side too to block off my path. As I started to approach where they were, they formed a sort of half circle around me and one guy said “Hey, you about to go up and be a secretary?” Then another guy said “Hey, that’s right, she’s about to be a movie star.”

Now I was almost to them and tried to walk around them, but one of the guys moved to get in my way. I just looked at the ground, then up at him and tried to walk around him again and he said “Hey now.” I looked back at the ground and said “I gotta go.”

As I was walking away…briskly…one of them said “She looks like that Jennifer Love girl. She’s fine.”

After this, farther into campus, I ran into a friend and told her what had just happened and she said “Congradulations!” like it was something I accomplished or something good had just happened to me.